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Why You Need To Watch This Video!
Whether you’re just starting out in IM and looking for the best SEO software, or you want to outsource to the best SEO services provider to free up your time, you need to watch this video to learn from the mistakes I made along the way, and how you can shorten the learning curve to get your #1 Google rankings fast! Here are some key points covered in the video to look out for….
Michael, Best SEO Software Reviews
  • Best SEO Software – what to look out for when reading SEO software reviews
  • Best Keyword Research Tool – why keyword research is THE most important part of any SEO campaign
  • Best Blackhat VPS – why most VPS providers aren’t suitable for running your SEO software, and which ones are the best
  • Best SEO Services – if you’re really want to grow and scale your IM business fast, you’ll need to know where are the best places to outsource the techy stuff!

Client Testimonials
“I have a pretty good grasp on SEO and had some success with ranking long tail buyer keywords, but one of my sites was stuck on page 2 for a super competitive keyword and no matter what I tried I couldn’t budge it. I was about to give up when I found this site, and I asked Mike to take a look. He made some recommendations for the best SEO tools based on what the competition were doing, and within 3 weeks I had moved up to #6. The site was generating cash like crazy and I made back the investment in 2 weeks, give it a few more weeks I reckon I’ll crack the top 3! ”
“I was outsourcing my SEO to an agency and things were going well enough, when one day all my sites tanked about 6 pages. I wasn’t sure what to do and the agency couldn’t help, so I asked Mike to find out what had happened. It turns out Google just did a big update and my SEO service provider had been spamming my site with XRumer and Scrapebox to get it ranked. Mike recommended what he considers the best SEO services provider for link diversity and authority, and a month or two later I am back on page 1 for most of my main keywords and business is picking up again. Lifesaver!”
“My partner and I have a pretty limited budget to promote our florist shop, and the usual advertising wasn’t very cost effective. I know our competitors are having a lot of success through online marketing, but I’m not the most technical person so I didn’t know where to start. A friend recommended this site to me to get some help, and Mike gave me some easy keywords to target, and some affordable SEO service providers within our budget to get started. Thanks Mike.”
“I’ve done some SEO before on my site, but I got lazy and it slipped off page 1. I was getting frustrated because the software I’d tried before wasn’t getting results anymore, and I don’t have the time to keep up to date so I decided to outsource. Everyone out there claims to have the best SEO services, but I’m quite a skeptic and talk is cheap so I wanted someone who had proven results . When I found this website at the top of my search results for ‘best SEO software’ and ‘best SEO services’, I knew I was onto a good thing and I haven’t looked back since. Great communication and my own dashboard to monitor my ranking progress daily, in my experience that kind of accountability is hard to find online.”

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